The Bremen Duo 16" Illuminated Crystal Glass Floor Globe

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An expertly crafted floor globe from Columbus Globes of Germany featuring a mouth-blown crystal globe ball resting in a contemporary stainless steel semi-meridian. The globes base, a combination of solid wenge wood and brushed stainless steel, lend to the overall modern aesthetic of this stunning globe. Innovative dual image cartography allows one to view political borders in vibrant contrasting colors when the globe is turned off and physical features such as mountain ranges and ocean depths when illuminated. An unparalleled level of detail is put into the cartography work making this an ideal reference globe. Features nearly 4,400 place names labeled as well as ocean currents and major shipping lane routes. The globes cartography features light gray colored oceans with shaded bathymetry and countries in contrasting pastel color tones.

The map used for this globe is cut into gores and placed by hand over crystal spheres by expert globe makers. Every aspect of the globe, from the high resolution printing to the precision hand craftsmanship add to its unsurpassed quality. The crystal globe ball guarantees optimal illumination of the map chart. A truly impressive globe from Columbus Globes that will bring immeasurable distinction to any home or office setting.

Diameter: 16"
Height: 47"
Ship Weight: 95 lbs
Actual Weight: 33 lbs
ITEM#: CG-234088