The Columbus Berlin 20" Illuminated Floor Globe

- SKU CG-205150

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The Columbus Berlin 20" Illuminated Crystal Floor Globe. This incredible globe features a mouth-blown crystal globe ball that sits in a precision calibrated and highly polished brass full-meridian. The three leg floor stand, constructed from beautiful solid walnut hardwood is an eloquent work of art. With dual image technology you can view political borders in contrasting colors when the globe is turned off and physical features when turned on. As with all globes in the Columbus Professional Line the crystal sphere is exclusively hand covered with stunning cartography. The crystal globe ball guarantees optimal luminosity of the map chart. The electrical cord is routed through the stand for a more refined look, compared to many illuminated globes that leave the cord hanging from the south pole. A most impressive globe from the Columbus Professional Line that will bring immeasurable distinction to any home or office setting.

Diameter: 20" (51 cm)
Height: 39" (100 cm)
Width: 31" (79 cm)
Shipping Wt: 140 lbs.
Model #CG-205150