LeviGlobe Anti-Gravity Globe
Rotating Floating Globe

Amazing levitating globe.  Featuring electro-magnetic levitating technology, the globe floats and continuously rotates above an ultra-sleek mirrored finish disk base, and is sure to be an excellent conversation starter.

With it's blue ocean globe ball and high tech modern design, the LeviGlobe globe is extremely pleasing to the eye, while demonstrating the wonders and mysteries of electro-magnetism.  Compact size makes this a perfect gift for a college student.

Height:  7"
Width:  6½"
Depth:  6½"
Globe Diameter:  3½"
Shipping Weight:  6 lbs.

ITEM:  WP41001

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Please note: though not pictured here, all levitating globes have an electrical cord coming from the base which needs to be plugged into a nearby outlet.

anit-gravity levitating globe
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