Zodiac Sundial - Cold Cast Bronze

Zodiac signs have been a decorative feature on sundials for hundreds of years.  Finely detailed and sculpted zodiac characters form the outside perimeter of the dial which is finished in a faux iron patina.  The large 15" diameter dial makes it fitting as a garden centerpiece.
Color:  Antique Bronze with Verdigris Highlights
   (verdigris highlights vary)
Size:  13" Diameter
Material:  Cast Resin with Bronze Coating
Weight:  7 lbs.
Item #:  R-2455
Price:  $68.00

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Rounding out our selection of sundial materials are these designs made from cast resin and bronze.  Similar to casting concrete, these sundials are made by pouring a solution of finely crushed stone and resin into a mold and curing until solid.  They are then applied with a coat of bronze to the surface, which will age just like a regular brass or bronze sundial.  Cold Cast Bronze sundials are affordable sundials and serve as a nice low price point gift.