Outdoor World Globes - World Globe Sculptures

Globes that feature an all-weather design, perfect for the outdoor areas of your home, corporate office, or garden area. Ranging from giant metal globe sculptures suitable for monumental decoration, to the simple steel sphere gazing globes that are typically placed in the garden as decoration. Each is sure to add a worldly touch to any setting. Scroll down to view garden decor spheres as well as our custom outdoor globe sculptures.

Decorative Spheres for your Garden, Patio, Porch, or Lawn

Stainless Steel Gazing Globes

Sundials and Garden Art
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Custom Outdoor World Globe Sculptures

Most of the large display globes featured on this page are available with a multitude of custom options to choose from.

Aluminum Outdoor Globe Sculptures
Giant Aluminum Globe Sculptures
Many Custom Options Available

Steel Armillary Spheres
Custom Sizes Available

Solid Steel Globes in a variety of metal coatings
Solid Steel Globe Sculptures
Available in Dozens of Metal Finishes
Giant Stainless Steel Spheres
Giant Stainless Steel Spheres
Custom Stone Sphereical Water Fountains
Spherical Stone Water Fountains
Available w/ World Continents
Constructed from Solid Granite or Marble

Custom Globes - Public Display Globes
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Public Display Globes &
Custom Fabricated Globes