The Early Explorer
10.5" Desk Globe from National Geographic

This National Geographic 10.5" desk globe consists of a staggering amount of detail for its size with over 3,500 place names, including continents, countries, cities, bodies of water, bathymetric ocean data and hand drawn physical relief. The globe sits atop a sturdy white base that allows the user to easily pick it up to view any location in the world.

National Geographic's most economical globe yet. An excellent value for anyone seeking a high quality globe featuring the ever popular National Geographic cartography. Perfect for educational or classroom use.

Diameter:  10.5"
Height:  12"
Weight:  5 lbs.

Item# NG1426DDS
PRICE:  $59.00


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the National Geographic Early Explorer 10.5" Desk Globe on Ring Base
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Name: The Early Explorer w/ Ring Base
Type: 10.5" Political
Base: White plastic ring
Meridian: None
Color: Blue ocean, National Geographic palette.
Illuminated: No
Raised Relief: No
Special: Excellent value priced National Geographic Globe. Cheapest National Geographic globe ever offered.
Pros: High quality desk globe with world renowned  National Geographic Cartography. 
Cons: Globe ball is plastic.
1-World comment: This is an excellent educational globe for the classroom. A quality inexpensive globe for those on a budget.

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