Giant Air-Supported Display Globes - with NASA Satellite Imagery

16' Globe at 2002 Olympic Games Dinner

Giant Globes - Display Globes
Among the largest globes in the world!

At top left is one of several dinner receptions that took place during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, featuring the Blue Marble Earth globe rotating silently above the guests.  As you can see clearly, there isn't a chandelier in the world that could compete with such natural beauty.

Shown below are photo-luminescent city lights of the world glowing brightly on the "night side" of the globe.  These globes are now also available with interior lighting, resulting in a dramatic display.

These giant display globes range in price, depending on size and features (indoor/outdoor, rotation, illumination, mounting, etc.).

A multitude of custom options are available and our fabricator will work directly with you to meet your design specifications. These globes are also available for rental.

Air-Supported globes are no longer available.

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Interested in attracting thousands???

Giant Custom Globe Balloons
Giant Helium or Air-Filled Globe Balloons
Available in Sizes Up to 20 Feet w/ Custom Printing

These globes are produced as sealed-air globes or cold-air globes. Sealed-air globes are perfect for tradeshows, exhibits, or events where they are used temporarily. They are easily setup and taken down as well as light weight. For long term or permanent displays we have cold-air globes available, these feature an electric internal blower that keeps the globe properly inflated regardless of temperature of barometric pressure changes. Each globe is perfectly round and wrinkle free with the appearance as though they are constructed of rigid materials.


Find out how your company or organization might feature one of these memory-making globes at your next promotional event or exhibit.

20' Globe on Pedestal Mount

Illuminated 10'Globe Reflected in
Atrium Windows

10' Diameter Globe incorporated
Into a Tradeshow Exhibit

6' Cloud Free Globe w/ Corporate Logo

The "night side" of the globe, featuring photo-luminescent lights.

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