Folding Polygon Globes

This innovative world globe is part craft project, part detailed reference globe, and part educational tool. Each globe is shipped flat with easy-to-follow instructions on how to assemble. Once assembled this globe is fairly sturdy and can easily withstand frequent handling. Offered in a variety of colors and themes, this is an interesting approach to globemaking. Some globes have a dry-erase compatible finish for planning future trips, marking locations or plotting a course. Some of these are intended for coloring with coloring pencils for a completely customized look. Two of these world globes incorporate pictures of animals around the world to make for fun learning for kids and animal lovers.

World of Animals Polygon Folding Globe

World of Animals Coloring Polygon Folding Globe

Gray Coloring Polygon Folding Globe

White Coloring Polygon Folding Globe

Blue Dry Erase Polygon Folding Globe

Pink Dry Erase Polygon Folding Globe

Yellow Dry Erase Polygon Folding Globe