Custom EcoSpheres - Exhibition EcoSpheres of Museum Quality
Each EcoSphere encompasses a  unique self-contained ecosystem. The large scale Exhibition EcoSpheres are one of the most exquisite environmental displays available, perfectly suited for any museum, science center, corporate lobby, aquarium, or zoo.

The ecosphere is a truly remarkable exhibit featuring hundreds, even thousands of the same shrimp that can be found in the standard size EcoSpheres on this website.

A multitude of custom design options are available to meet the customers exacting specifications. Our fabricator will work directly with the exhibit designer through the duration of the project to ensure all of your design specifications are met. Pedestals are custom built from cultured marble, wood, metal, or Formica  to match any architectural decor or theme. These are the most unique ecosystem designs available and require 14 to 18 weeks to design and build.

The basic design includes:
  • Metal support stand.
  • A "Ring Seat" to support the glass.
  • Custom made glass sphere.
  • Internal core of the sphere.
  • Motorized Rotation.
  • Internal LED lighting.
  • Heating system.
  • Biologics (shrimp, algae, sea water mix).
  • Typically anchored to the floor.
  • Available with a custom outer shell.


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Please note:  the 12" and 14" models do not include a pedestal as one is not required.  An outer shell for the standard pedestal is an additional cost based on the design, materials, colors, etc. Installation costs will vary based on site location and complexity logistics. Please contact us with your design specifications for a quote.