The TerraSphere Outdoor Globe
16" Illuminated Outdoor Globe from Columbus

Columbus Globes 16" Illuminated Outdoor Globe.  The exquisitely detailed, photo realistic cartography is remarkable and must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. With dual image technology you can view political borders in contrasting colors when the globe is illuminated and physical features when turned off. The map used for this globe is exclusively assembled by hand over durable acrylic spheres and features the most up to date political data available complimented by stunning visual relief of the mountains and ocean floor.

The illuminated TerraSphere globe has been specifically designed for outdoor usage.  The globe is absolutely weather-proof and safe for outdoor use. All Columbus outdoor globe models are coated and sealed with a high-quality yacht lacquer providing resistance to water and high stability to atmospheric impacts. The electrical cord is equipped for external areas and is weather-proof.

Diameter 16" (40 cm)
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs. (ships in oversize box)

Model #CG-214006-O
PRICE:  $293.90
SALE PRICE: $285.00


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16" TerraSphere Outdoor Globe by Columbus
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Please note: Image above reflects German language version, actual globe will have English labeling.
Name: The TerraSphere 16" Illuminated Outdoor Globe
Globe Type: 16" Physical/Political Outdoor Globe
Globe Ball: Acrylic, break and heat resistant
Base: None
Meridian: None
Color: Blue Ocean
Illuminated: Yes
Electrical Cord Run: Integrated
Raised Relief: No
Cartography: Columbus Duorama Series
Special: Globe ball features exquisite photo realistic cartography. Dual image technology has been incorporated to show  political borders in contrasting colors when illuminated and physical features when not lit.
Pros: Weatherproof design allows placement of the globe anywhere outside, in any weather conditions.
1-World comment: The cartography is very realistic, it has the appearance of a satellite image globe.

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