The Rothenburg
16" Illuminated Political/Physical Desk Globe

The 16" Columbus Rothenburg combines attractive political cartography with a modern stainless steel stand design. The large 16" tabletop globe is supported by a brushed stainless steel meridian and base.

Innovative dual image cartography allows one to view political boundaries in vibrant contrasting colors when the globe is turned off and physical features such as mountain ranges and ocean depths when illuminated. An unparalleled level of detail is put into the cartography work making this an ideal reference globe. Features nearly 4,400 place names labeled as well as ocean currents and major shipping lane routes.

Each globe is handcrafted in Germany by Columbus Globes. A stunning political globe for your home, office, or classroom.

Diameter: 16"
Height: 20"
Ship Weight: 24 lbs.
Actual Weight: 8.8 lbs

IITEM:# CG-204081
PRICE: $439.00
16" Globe

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Duo Dual Map Cartography

The Lindau 13" Illuminated Desk Globe by Columbus
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The Lindau 13" Illuminated Desk Globe by Columbus
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Name: The Rothenburg
Globe Type: 16" Political/Physical Desk Globe
Globe Ball: Heavy duty acrylic sphere
Base: High grade stainless steel, brushed finish
Meridian: Stainless steel semi-meridian
Color: Blue Ocean Political
Illuminated: Yes
Electrical Cord Run: Routed through South Pole
Raised Relief: No
Cartography: Columbus Duo Series
Special: Innovative high resolution printing technique. High quality Columbus cartography is printed in 24 successive layers of color then applied with a protective high gloss clear coat for an impressive finish with flawless shine.
Pros: Dual image technology has been incorporated allowing you to view a detailed physical map of the world with countries in varying colors when the globe is illuminated.
1-World comment: A cartographic masterpiece produced by skilled artisans.

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