The Krauchenwies
16" Illuminated Political/Physical Globe

The 13" Krauchenwies globe rests in a modern brushed stainless steel stand and semi-meridian. Silver white oceans compliment a detailed up-to-date political world map with countries illustrated in contrasting colors. Bathymetric ocean floor detail as well as mountain ranges and landforms are represented using detailed shaded relief.

Innovative dual map cartography allows you to view a different map when the globe is illuminated, turn on the globe to reveal a stunning physical map of the world with blue oceans. Eye catching shaded relief is displayed in vivid detail when illuminated giving it a 3-D impression.

Each globe is handcrafted in Germany by Columbus Globes, map globe gores are individually hand covered with painstaking care.

Diameter: 13"
Height: 17"
Weight: 15 lbs.

ITEM:# CG-233481
PRICE: $379.00

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Krauchenwies Illumination

Krauchenwies 14" Illuminated Globe
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The Krauchenwies 14" Illuminated Globe by Columbus
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Name: The Krauchenwies Illuminated Globe
Globe Type: 13" Physical/Political Desk Globe
Globe Ball: Acrylic, heavy duty
Base: High grade stainless steel
Meridian: Stainless steel
Color: White Ocean
Illuminated: Yes
Electrical Cord Run: Routed through South Pole
Raised Relief: No
Cartography: Columbus Duo Alba Series
Special: Features classic looking whitish silver ocean with contemporary styling. High quality Columbus cartography printed in 24 successive layers of color with protective high gloss clear coat for an impressive finish with flawless shine.
Pros: Dual image technology has been incorporated to show physical features with detailed land and ocean relief when illuminated and political map when turned off.
1-World comment: Good value for a higher end globe.

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