Green Peridot Gemstone Globe
with Rotating Clock - Thermometer - Hygrometer - Barometer

This globe features oceans of Sea Green Peridot surrounding colorful gemstone continents.  A precious gift to give to  someone who "means the world" to you.  The petite globe sits on a rotating base that features a clock thermometer, hygrometer, and barometer. Stay informed of the current time, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity with this gemstone globe.  An ideal size that is sure to find a perfect spot on a desk or shelf.  Columnar base is plated in 24K Gold.

Height:  6"
Width:  4"
Globe Diameter:  3"
Wt:  4 lbs.

PRICE: $119.00


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Peridot Green Gemstone Globe w/ Rotating Clocks