The Ocean Floor Globe - Bathymetric Globe

Outstanding bathymetry.  The magnificent features of our Earth's largest mountain ranges and deepest canyons are revealed and accentuated in this fantastic ocean floor model globe. 

 150x magnification of ocean floor depths and elevations shows the sandy and rocky ocean floor, revealing features such as basins, seamounts, deep sea ridges and trenches, abyssal plains, guyots, submarine canyons and fans, and the continental shelves and slopes.

The Ocean Floor Globe shows continental land masses as a smooth, flat surface.  The level of accuracy of this globe allows it to even display some lakes and areas that are below sea level; the Dead Sea, Caspian Sea, and the Salton Sea are visible as well as a depression within the Gobi Desert region.  The Ocean Floor Globe has an 18" diameter.

The latest advances in digital technologies allows for such an intriguing look at our planet's ocean floor.  These bathymetric globes are created through a laser solidification of liquid polymer to form the shapes of these special globes. These Ocean Floor globe models are the world's first digitally-created raised relief globes.

The Ocean Floor Globe comes with custom display stand and proprietary crating.  Painted and unpainted options are available, please inquire for details.  

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The Ocean Floor Globe - Bathymetric Globe










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Diameter: 18"
Scale: 1:27,933,000
Weight: 25 lbs.

Shipping Wt: 40 lbs. (extra packaging goes into "oversize" rates)

Item #: RG-Ocean
Price: $1,200.00



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25" Extreme Raised Relief Classroom Floor Globe
 60x Exaggerated Raised Relief


Below: Close up view of Agulhas Plateau & Basin, Atlantic/Indian Ridge, and seamounts