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Le Commandeur
12" Desktop World Globe

This handsome globe features an especially unique stand which is handcrafted from reclaimed materials. Planetary gears from automobile transmissions are a focal point of the stand, as are brass and iron architechural components which complete the package. All metal construction in the stand makes for a high quality heavyweight piece weighing in at around 10 pounds. Due to the reclaimed nature of the components which make up the stand, each individual globe will be slightly different depending on the components sourced. Each globe stand is painstakingly hand produced and signed by the original designer J.P. Roberts here in the United States. The combination of form and function is evident with this globe as it also features an adjustable swivel mechanism that allows you to tilt the globe 180 degrees for easy viewing of the southern hemisphere.

The heavyweight stand comprised of a variety of solid metals is made complete with a Replogle Leather Expedition globe ball. The stand's worn-in metal components compliment nicely with the earthy tones of the leather globe ball. The globe features subtly raised mountain relief, which enables one to tactilely feel the mountain ranges of the world.  Each globe is up to date with the most current political data. Typefaces on the genuine leather globe ball are a little larger and bolder than other reference globes.

Diameter:  12"
Height:  20"
Width:  16"
Base: 12" x 12"
Weight:  10 lbs.
Ship Weight:  30 lbs. (oversized parcel)

Price:   $325.00

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le commandeur desk globe
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Name: Le Commandeur Desk Globe
Globe Type: 12" World Globe, made from genuine leather
Base: Crafted from repurposed automobile transmission parts & other reclaimed brass and iron components.
Meridian: Steel w/ adjustable swivel mechanism
Globe Color: Brown on brown leather
Illuminated: No
Raised Relief: Yes
Special: Hand-made 'Designer' stand by J.P. Roberts
Pros: Highly unique globe stand. A functional sculpted piece of art made from reclaimed materials. Each one is a little different & will be signed and dated.
Cons: Large footprint may take up more tabletop space.
1-World comment: A heavyweight furniture piece that can add dimension to your room.
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