The LaSalle Coronelli
12" Antique-Style Reproduction Floor Globe

This is a finely crafted antique style reproduction globe apart of the new Replogle Age of Exploration line. Featured in this version of the LaSalle are globe map gores crafted by Vincenzo Coronelli. Born in Venice 1650 Coronelli is regarded as one of Italy's finest cartographers of the 17th century. As Royal Cartographer under King Louis XIV, Coronelli was granted access to the latest documentation sent from the colonies to the French Academy of Sciences. Also producing printed globe gores and pocket-sized globes, Corenelli's span of work is considered to represent the pinnacle of geographic knowledge of the world in the late 17th century.

The globe sits perched atop an elegant Victorian-style solid hardwood floor stand inspired by French explorer Rene-Robert de LaSalle who sailed to Canada at the age of 23. In 1682 LaSalle sailed down the Illinois River to the Mississippi River and all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, claiming the entire Mississippi River Basin - what he called the Louisiana Territory - for France.

An elegant handcrafted masterpiece that combines cartographic excellence with Old World appeal.

Diameter: 12"
Height: 37"
Shipping Weight: 44 lbs.

Model #37814
PRICE:  $225


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The LaSalle Coronelli 12" Reproduction Floor Globe
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