Wood Globe - Hand-carved Wooden Floor Globe

Wooden Floor Globe - Rare Find!

The world's finest maple from Malaysia and Vietnam is the wood of choice for this rare, hand-carved wooden globe.  635 Maple pieces are hand-carved, hand-painted and hand-labeled to represent each country.  335 hand-cut panels of light Maple create the oceans that surround the colorful continents.  24K gold plated ribbon is precisely placed to indicate latitude and longitude lines. The globe is cradled in a solid maple floor stand.  The overall effect is one of elegance and tradition. Since each globe is hand-crafted, no two globes are identical.    This model is also available in two larger globe diameter sizes.

Height:  37"
Shipping Weight:  90 lbs.
(ships freight truck only)
Globe Diameter:  17"



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Hand Carved Wood Floor Globe
Pictured above is 17" diameter model.