The Spinning Globe
Blue Oceans - Raised Relief
Illuminated or Non-illuminated

An illuminated globe that spins automatically.  Touch-on controls allow you to set spinning action for 5, 30 or 60 minutes, or "Continuous" spinning that lasts for up to 5 hours.  Sleek, modern base design.  Raised-relief with pastel blue oceans and beautiful, natural colored continents provide accurate reference.

Height:  18"
Diameter:  12"
Weight:  5 lbs.

ITEM# FS-302

PRICE:  $99.90


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the Spinning Globe - Spinning Illuminated Desk Globe

Name: The Spinning Globe
Globe Type: 12" Physical/Political
Base: Plastic w/ controls for spin & light
Meridian: Un-calibrated plastic semi-meridian
Color: Blue ocean
Illuminated: Yes
Raised Relief: Yes
Special: 2 way illumination, settings for duration of spin
Pros: Unique self spinning globe, with raised relief and illumination
Cons: All plastic construction
1-World comment: Find yourself hypnotized by the soothing spin...